Infinite scrolling for the category

Hi! Please tell me, is it possible to implement infinite scrolling for the category section somehow? If there are a lot of subcategories and categories, the page starts loading for a long time.

Can you show an example of this? I have about 40 Categories and face no issues. It may also help to mute the categories you don’t take part in.

Yes, of course. I have a lot more subcategories. I know it’s a lot.

You’d still face issues once the categories are listed when you’d scroll. I’d use tags in your case.


You have 1437 categories. That is not recommended.

Your site.json is 4.5MB, while Meta is 56KB in comparison. Maybe try using tags.


Yes, I understand that this is a lot, but I would like to leave it in this form, without tags. Perhaps there is a way to hide subcategories from the main page, or will it require large code changes?

Yeah I was assuming box layout, in which case there’s less to render if you mute. Now I’ve seen it’s the list view the whole thing makes more sense. Definitely agree that tags is the way to go here. The watched words functionality is a great help as well.

If you definitely want to pursue categories like this, I’d recommend exploring the box layout:

You can reduce the number of featured topics to 1, but you need to do that manualy in each category
Then you get something like this:

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I can understand that.
But here, you’re basically using categories a way Discourse isn’t made for if I understand Falco’s message.

I don’t know much about discourse development, I’m probably stating the obvious, but your category hierarchy seems, however, perfect for using tags and I guess it would completely resolve your issue (unless you have a particular issue with tags?).


Here, you could have this kind of hierarchy (category → tags):


  • Camaro
    • #Camaro-II
    • #Camaro-III
    • #Camaro-IV
    • etc

And so on for Cavalier, Corvette…


Thank you all for the answers

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Everyone who knows how this software works thinks that you do not want to do that.

A site about cars is literally the go-to example how to use tags: (It's Time We Talked About Tags)

Yes, you could add them all to SiteSetting.default categories muted. And then you’d somehow make it so that people could find them and un-mute them at /my/preferences/categories.

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