Infinity loading icon

When pressing on my avatar in the upper right corner I get this infinity loading icon

Using the lastest chrome on ios

On desktop as well

It’s most likely a problem with your site. Does it work here?

Did you upgrade recently? Do other things work correctly? Do you see anything in the Javascript console?

Well its about this site


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Oops! Sorry about that!

Oh. And there isn’t one on IOS.

My answer was completely unhelpful!

:person_shrugging: :crying_cat_face:


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Not having this issue on DiscourseHub on the iOS 16 public beta.

Fine for me on desktop (Chrome on Mac) - what browser and OS are you using?

Works now on my iphone. Will test later on my mac


Works on my desktop as well.

I dont know what went wrong…

Mark this as solved!

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