Site loads forever, except for me?

After Web ui upgrade. Folks get infinite loading screen. My mobile is fine unless I use a private window.

Running Tests Pasts

Self hosted Ubuntu Server

Attempted rebuild on server side no errors I can identify. It does pause in building see below for awhile

This is how it ends seems like not restarting ap?

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Stumbled similar issue when the site was using an old version Google Analytics, so is ur site using an old version of Google Analytics?

[Edit]: It would be useful to share browser developer console logs


I can give site address

I did try to run ./launcher start app

it says it is running.

Thanks for the speedy response.

On Android main pc at home.

How do you check and update Google analytics?

[EDiT]: My domain registar is Goigle Dimains if that helps.

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Checking console logs, seems like the problem is coming from theme plugin something:

caught (in promise) Error: Could not find module `select-kit/templates/components/combo-box/combo-box-header` imported from `discourse/theme-91/components/locale-combo-box-header`

Probably a theme component is using outated/depcreated code, that causes the loading to crash.


Okay thanks will take a look.

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I created a blank theme using light pallete with no components active. Same problem. Woupd I need to disable the other themes? I have set the blank theme as default.

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But loads for me now without problem?

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Try may be clearing cahce of your browser

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With Private browser cache is wiped.

Strangely though if I try

it displays page doesn’t exist and gives option to login or signup

With an oops page doesn’t exist.

So doesn’t seem to be a direct theme as that is disabled save a blank theme with no components.

Links on that page result in infinite loading. Including login and signup buttom

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Hum, the things is I no longer see the error I reported above and the site loads for me… Secondaly it reminds again Google Analytics old version issue, of which the bug would appear sometimes and sometimes not… Do you use GA, can you just disable from admin settings?

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Is that enabled by default? if not then sgouldn’t be present

EDiT seems fixed now. Private browser seems to have breakage. But Whale good.

Not sure what the issue was exactly. But have had this sort of thing before after using the nee web ux for upgrading. Other site running stable has not had this condition arise that loads a seperate docker window.

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FWIW, safe mode would be:

Thank you. That should help.