Instagram oneboxes not working on meta?

Instagram oneboxes aren’t working on meta. Is that intentional?




Those links all work for me. But yesterday Instagram itself was suffering from the various heatwaves by not showing requested items.

Instagram have no doubt changed something again :roll_eyes:

For a social media company, they are very anti social.

We stopped trying to keep up with their changes about a year ago and don’t bother with their links at all anymore. People will click the link if they’re that interested.

Those links work but aren’t oneboxed.

All the current steps to embed Instagram posts are discussed here: How to obtain an App Token to allow Instagram Oneboxes - #12 by Iceman

And it indeed works, as I did it on my forum: Forum updates & features - embed Instagram posts - #14 by Canapin - Forum Feedback -

Instagram posts aren’t oneboxed on meta, and I’m just wondering if it’s intentional or not.