What is the default config in Bitnami DigitalOcean install

Newbie here :slight_smile:
I’d like to know if the default install by Bitnami on DigitalOcean is recommended by Discourse. And does it configure the server exactly as it is required by Discourse.

Or it is just something that just runs Discourse as the quickest and easiest way possible, and is not recommended for a large community?
Many thanks!

Only the Docker based installation is supported. Take a look at the installation instructions.
DigitalOcean offers a One-click install of Discourse too. Can’t get much easier than that unless you choose one of the hosted plans. :wink:


Hi gerhard,
Thank you for your reply.
As you can see on my post, i wanted to know if the DigitalOcean one click install is exactly the same as the manual method - or is it different?

It depends. Does Bitnami use the Docker based installation of Discourse? Last time I checked, it didn’t.

Did you click on my link to the One-click installer at DigitalOcean? It’s definitely using the supported Docker installation and it’s not the same as the Bitnami installer.

Ah i see. Thanks for clarifying.
So, just to be clear - the DigitalOcean one click install installs it exactly as the manual installation.
That’s awesome, will try it as soon as i can!