Help migration from 1.5 to latest: $100

Hi all,
We are a small association and we are stack in an old discourse installation (1.5) on ubuntu 14.x we want to upgrade to the latest discourse with docker, can someone help us as we dont have much technical knowledge. we want the new installation on a clean ubuntu server (we will provide the server)
we can provide the database dump and public folders (the whole archive).
We can offer a compensation (100 $ )

Update for more hints:
this what we tried so fare

  1. installed a new clean forum (empty) on a new server
  2. tried to import the sql dump onto the db (inside the container)
  3. re-lunch the migration
  4. rake migration failed x_x

If you don’t get a better offer, you can order a Standard Installation ($250) and if I can log in to your existing server I’ll migrate your data for you.


Hi, I can give a try. I’ll send you a direct message.


I dit reply to your PM

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Thank you, is it possible to migrate us to our own new server ? or is it mandatory to use digital ocean

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Job done thank to @pfaffman :innocent:
Total costs: 300$