Install Discourse on eclipse che - possible?

Recently I see my gitpod workspace is expired and deleted.So can I install it on eclipse che?

Short answer is No…


Hey! You can pin your Gitpod workspace to keep it forever: Life of a Workspace - Gitpod

Generally Gitpod workspaces are not intended to keep forever though, you can get as many as you want, and after you finish the task, push it to GitHub and close the tab, GC will clean up after you. What seems to happen in your case. Please read more on workspace lifecycle here: Life of a Workspace - Gitpod

@akosyakov I know what you say.But my workspace will sleep after 3 minutes inactivity.

Timeout for inactivity on is 30mins. Are you sure you experienced a 3min timeout?

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yes I asked the gitpod staff few days ago.