Install Discourse on Synology directly

Does anymore know if it is possible to install Discourse on my Synology NAS?
I have tried the Package Manager Discourse Install but this is very old (version 1.2.1).

So I want to install it manual via “discourse-setup”. Is this possible on a Synology NAS with docker support?

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Can’t you install the old version and just upgrade it?

No, we’ve had a number of support threads here on the topic. The existing Synology package is ancient and has a number of configuration pains, the maintainer appears to have abandoned it, to all intents and purposes it’s a dead-end.

It’s certainly possible to install, but whether that install is supportable is the better question. The currently supported install method definitely doesn’t work as-is.

As far as I have found it is a package made from Synology and can’t be upgraded.
And Synology haven’t upgraded this since 2 years :frowning:

OK thanks.

Is it possible to install it manual via the official discourse docker image?

As I said above the supported install doesn’t work as-is. It’s not something we can help to bodge here because it creates support problems down the line.

Anyone who comes up with an install or package inherits the support responsibility in the process.


OK I understand. Thanks for the infos.

I honestly do not get the obsession with spraying random software all over your “network attached storage” device.

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Simple because it is not only a “network attached storage” device :wink:
I run my Mail Server, Websites and so on all on the Synology NAS.

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That’s a shame!
I’m new here, researching forum software for a forum that we don’t want to look like a forum. If you see what I mean.
At present, some of my co-conspirators are hooked on Wordpress… I’ve never really liked it, and my only interactions have left me feeling that plugins are buggy and typically poorly supported.
My plan was to install Discourse on my Synology NAS,as that’s currently the only platform I have running a Linux-type OS. Given what has been said here, I’ll forgo that idea!
I’ve been thinking of a low power box for a DIY NAS for some time. Perhaps I’ll move that plan up the to-do list.


You can run a normal install on Synology, but I would only use it for a test platform. It works fine on my 1515+, but it’s probably only a question of time until the docker version supported by Synology is too far behind for what Discourse needs.


I’m with Christian, I too use my QNAP beyond a basic storage unit and would be perfect for this. Mine has relatively up to date packages but i’m struggling with implementation as not a SSH user

I know this is an old topic, but I had this same question recently. Using Andrew Waugh’s hint, I spent some time working through the issues, and created an article on how I got everything working. So in the event anyone in the future has the same questions, hopefully this will help.