Install discourse with a staging (test) ssl certificate

Let’s encrypt has a limit of how many certificates can be generated in a week for the same domain. Unfortunately we reach this limit and we cannot generate a new certificate this week.

We did a backup of our community and started to reinstall Discourse from scratch, as we reach this limit we could not install it anymore. Is there any way in which we could install Discourse with the parameter --staging on the ?

We have our forum down, and I would appreciate a fast answer.

Thank you

Why did you re-install from scratch? Do you still have the shared folder from the old instance? If you copy over the letsencrypt and ssl folders you should be able to use those certificates. Mostly, you’d just rsync over /var/discourse/shared from the other server and rebuild. It should re-use the existing certificates.

If you do have access to those files and it’s an emergency that you want to throw money at, see Fix Your Broken Site – Literate Computing, LLC. I should be at my desk for at least the next hour or so.


I reinstalled discoure cause an upgrade went wrong and I had a backup. I didn’t realized I will run our of ssl certificates from Letsencrypt I have resolved it in the meantime.

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