Install Discourse

(Dayan) #1

If Installed Discourse with 100$ monthly package . Once a Month expired what happens .
Can I continue without upgrade

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

where did You install?
Generally, if it’s a monthly package, You need to pay your provider every month.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

If you are doing the one month free trial at, you can instead install it yourself. discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

You can download your data and restore it to your own server.

(Dayan) #4

Dear Jay
Thanks for info
Our website is running on SSD 1GBRAM sheared Server
Can I installed it on our website
Please advice me what are the pre-requisites of this application.

Please advice

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

If you read the install document I linked to, it spells out the requirements. It’s much easier I install on a separate server. If you do want to install on a server with other services running you’ll want at least 2gb for a low volume site.