Forcefully install Discourse on 256 or 512 RAM machine

(Nkansah Rexford) #1

I’m high this afternoon, and wanna give Discourse a try. All I’ve got on my server is a 512 RAM and a single core.

Honestly, that’s ALL I have. I ALSO want to use Discourse.

Please, what do I do? If that’ll mean sending my server Crashing, yep, I want to do it, steps please?

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(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You’ll need to set up swap, at least 2GB. Copy samples/standalone.yml to containers and edit it.

As you point out. It’s not recommended. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We do not recommend this for a site that will be used by more than 1 person at a time. Or really, ever.

(Zachary Albrecht) #4

I can personally say it works, and not as bad as you would expect. I’m doing it with my small community (30 active users) and while it’s kind of slow, I’ve not heard any complaints and everything functions as intended.

(Nkansah Rexford) #5

Yep, thanks for the reminder. I ultimately know and I’m aware, fully to the maximum extent, YET, I want to do that. Thanks.

(Nkansah Rexford) #6

You know what, I don’t plan to use 256 or 512 in production. However, the fact that to spin up and test using 512 for my personal use and test as a dev is even proclaimed as an abomination makes me sick!

Thanks for tip.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

For personal use it is fine. I did say “more than one user” and you are indeed one user :wink:

(Nkansah Rexford) #8

But as it stands now, Discourse won’t let me even install by default, strictly saying I must have not less than 1 Gig RAM.

Of course, as indicated earlier in this thread, there’s a workaround, but at least the warning should offer a link to somewhere explaining how someone could still install with less specs, however declaring all the warnings.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

Indeed. discourse-setup is designed to work for most people, and especially, people who do not know about system administration. If it allowed people to install on a 512GB machine then people would complain that it was too slow or they were out of memory.

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(Mittineague) #10

@seanmavley Would it be possible to install on a thumb / flash drive for virtual RAM?