Install PWA link always shown to members

What triggers the link “Do you want to install xxx on this device”

We want this to show for all members on mobile devices until its installed.

As of now some members don’t see the link and some do

The banner is shown for users once they reach Trust Level 1 (i.e. once they have registered and engaged with the site a bit).


Is there a setting where we can make it show to “members” regardless of Trust Level.

It’s not easily customizable.

When the banner appears also depends on some engagement checks made by the browser, so in recent history, it would not show on the first visit from a new browser.

When the browser signs us that the install prompt is possible, and we detect that the user is at least trust level 1 we show it.

Trust level 1 in Discourse is a very quick thing to obtain, and it helps us so we don’t spam people who just arrived with annoying banners.


Look at it on the flip side, if a customer even bothers to sign up to a community they must be semi serious (its hard even getting people click off Facebook).

Once on they will be wowed that there is an APP and straight off the bat they won’t forget as much about the site as just using a browser.

In my market having an APP is something to be proud of and shown off, lets be honest the way you guys present the link to the app is not intrusive (most sites are plastered in banners).

I am pretty certain having the app available from the start will increase every Discourse communities conversions.

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Hang on - its not a banner? Its just text that says “Install our community etc”

What is this banner you speak of :wink: