How to enable discourse mobile view notification banners

Hi !

When i start to use discourse, i have seen a notification banner “Do you want to install discourse on this device ?” in mobile view. But after some days, this mobile view banner wasn’t displayed on the site. I don’t know whether it has been disabled somehow or any configuration required to enable this.

Below is the banner screenshot,


How to enable discourse banner “Do you want to install discourse on this device” in mobile view ?

Are you an admin on the site? That “banner” may have been hidden by an admin on the site, this is just my uninformed assumption though.

You can also look through this topic for more details on how the banner works and shows to better troubleshoot your particular issue: Install PWA link always shown to members

Yes, I am admin on the site. But which configuration in settings panel used to hide that banner ?

Also, i have refered the link Install PWA link. The solution is to make the user trust level into 1 to enable the mobile view banner. But i have change the trust level upto “3 - regular” for both admin and non-admin user. But it’s not working for both users.

Is any other way to display the mobile view banner “Do you want to install discourse on this device” or need to configure anything in settings panel ?