Installation by the book

I’m trying to install Discourse in accordance with the most “official” instructions, to save bother in the long run. Here’s what I’ve done. It’s not all directly linked to from the installation instructions, but no.4 in particular seems very important, so I wonder: is there anything else that I need to consider?

  1. Installed using Docker on a Digital Ocean 2GB droplet:

  2. Mailgun for sending email:

  3. Reply by email: Direct-delivery incoming email for self-hosted sites (this seems much simpler and better than the Set up Reply via Email Support ✉ which is linked to from the installation instructions).

  4. Bounce handling: Handling bouncing e-mails.

I will follow the informal advice for having a quiet life of not using third-party plugins. I saw, too late, advice to set DNS settings at the registrar rather than use Digital Ocean’s nameservers, but seeing as it works I don’t plan to change this.

Thanks in anticipation.


Anything else you’d need to consider boils down to what ever else you want to use your Discourse forum for. Is there a specific functionality you’d like? Or some design changes you’d want? Extra setups to the Discourse installation is usually based off answers to these.

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Thanks for the reassurance. Now that I’ve got the basics nailed down, I’ll look into everything else! :slight_smile: