Installing discourse on 'inmotion hosting'

I have a wordpress site hosted on ‘inmotion hosting’ with a basic yearly plan of around $50/year.
Now I want to add a forum to my website.
Do I need to now opt for another hosting provider like Digital Ocean and spend additional money?

Can’t I use Discourse with inmotion hosting and my current plan?

You can’t host Discourse in a shared hosting server.


So can I keep my original site say on inmotion hosting, and just host the discourse on Digital ocean with subdomain

Or shall I try moving everything to Digital Ocean?

It is not necessary to host both main and sub domain (Discourse) with same provider.


And it’s much easier not to host them on the same server!


Hi Vinod,

Thanks for the answer.
Just one more query, since I am not very versed with web hosting and things.

Say I am expecting a max of 500-1000 comments on my forum per month.
And do not expect more than 1000 people signup for the first 2 years.
What would be the minimum configuration that I must opt for, which is easy on the pocket as well as performs decent enough?
I am considering Digital Ocean, but open to other suggestion.

1 gb ram and 2 gb of swap should be enough to get started. You can always do a server upgrade if traffic increases.
Any hosting you choose the basic requirement is that they support docker. The first hostings that comes to mind, in addition to DO, are Hetzner, OVH, Scaleway, UpCloud and Vultr but you can find more information here:

where you can also find some benchmark comparison


That isn’t a good answer.

What about answering this question:

What if you upgrade from Shared Hosting to a Managed VPS Hosting in Inmotion Hosting or any other host.
Can you then install Discourse?
And what would you need to do the installation?

Inmotion Hosting already has:
Ruby on Rails

@marianco the OP asked the question to install in shared hosting only.

Of-course you can install Discourse in a VPS server. But I am not sure about Inmotion Hosting.


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