Installation wizard not appearing in multisite installs

It looks like in a multisite installation, the second part of the first-run wizard (the configuration steps after signing up) works fine, but the first part (the specialized registration page that displays the :tada: and asks to select a dev email instead of entering one) isn’t working – you simply get the topic listing just as before the wizard was introduced.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up a new Discourse install. Register an account, and play through the wizard.
  • Follow these steps to configure a secondary site.
  • Open the secondary site.

Expected: The wizard appears.

Actual: The homepage appears, you have to click Sign up.

Any thoughts on this @eviltrout?

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That “select an admin email” thing is meant for sites where administrators are not configured in advance. On our hosting for example, we create an administrator for the user who signed up, and send them the confirmation email. When they confirm the wizard begins.

Having said that, I am a little surprised it’s not showing up anyway. @sam is this initializer not using the correct multisite?

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Global settings are in fact global, i.e. shared between the different forums in a multisite setup. So it’s perfectly logical that this step is skipped on the subsequent forums in a multisite install.

Sorry, but I don’t get that. How is “did the first admin register yet” a global thing?

It checks the local db to see if there are admin accounts yet. On our hosting there are, but other people might not set them up. The global setting is used to populate the drop down.

Just to clarify: The dev email option worked perfectly, I was granted admin as I signed up. The issue is just that the first part of the wizard wasn’t triggered.

Oh my, I am forgetful indeed. It is pre-populated with those emails. I’m deleting the confusing posts above :slight_smile:

I am still a little confused by what you mean about the first part of the wizard not showing up though. Did your multisite show the “select admin” or not for each forum?

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Let me clarify. This is how things worked for the first site in multisite:

  • I bootstrapped the site, having developer mails set.
  • Opening the site showed the registration part of the wizard.
  • After confirming my email, I was immediately sent to the configuration part of the wizard.

This behavior is great :thumbsup:

Here is how things went for the second site:

  • I added the secondary site in app.yml, and rebuilt the app.
  • Opening the secondary site showed the main page of the forum, just as in the good old days before the wizard. I was shown the pre-seeded topics, and the options to sign up or log in.
  • I opted to log in, choosing an email address from the developer emails.
  • After confirming my email, I was immediately sent to the configuration part of the wizard.

This behavior seems wrong.

It looks like the check to send admins to the configuration wizard if the log in to a new site is working fine, while the check that sends anonymous users to the admin registration page somehow thinks that the site is already initialized.

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Thanks for the details :thumbsup:

In that case I do suspect it was what I thought initially - the initializer I asked @sam about might not be running properly for every site. It might only be running for the first site.


Ah, that confused me - we already set up the admin as well.

Just as a reminder, I created another multisite tenant today and the problem seems to still exist.