Installed but no email

(Vitor) #1


I have configurated everything (domain, DNS, Mailjet) and used the Digital Ocean one click installation.

After the configuration in consuled i followed the steps to register the admin account, but I haven’t received any confirmation e-mail!

What’s missing?

Console installation

Mailjet configuration

No response on MailJet

DNS on DigitalOcean

My website where it’s going to be installed:

(Vitor) #2

I did the installation and the Admin user account but it’s with the same problem, no e-mail response.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

You might try port 2525.

Do this to change it:

cd /var/discourse

(Vitor) #4

Did not work ":frowning:

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

If you’d like more help, you will need to say exactly what you did and what happened that “did not work”. Otherwise the answer is “Do the right thing. It will work.”

(Vitor) #6

Well, I have changed the port setting that you said.
Still not sending emails.