Installer gets stuck

Hello everyone,

I followed the install guide listed on this github page:

I am trying to install this on a VM running inside of my homelab.
However, everytime i run the discourse-setup script it keeps hanging on “checking your domain name”
I haven’t found a way around this check as I don’t want to botch anything here. My netstat tells me there is nothing else using port 443 or 80 for that matter and i even went as far as to open ports 443 and 80 to my VM. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Or is it only designed to work on a VPS? I’m running ubuntu-server 18.04 LTS

Any help is appreciated!

Kind regards,

That setup script needs a valid FQDN pointing to the public IP of Your VM.

My setup is NAT-ed. I got around it by first editing the container/app.yml, then i did ./loader rebuild app

Yes, that is correct. :slight_smile: Your setup is not what Discourse is designed for.

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