Can't reach new install via IP or DNS

When I try to install discourse on Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64 vps 2gb ram i got this error.

I cant reach my forum with ip and the dns. I dont know that to do.

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Is your DNS properly set? is redirecting to which is weird.

You need to add an A DNS entry at pointing to your server IP.


Currently im reinstalling the script at the with cloudflare.

No, don’t complicate stuff even more with cloudflare, it’s unnecessary.

Point the DNS to the server IP, and run ./discourse-setup. That is all you need.


My domain is in ovh - maybe it would be easier for you if ill send you my config in panel?

Is your server IP ?

No, its mnie.

its mine config.

Maybe they have some special “feature” to let you have a redirect and is interfering with the entries.

You should read their docs and ask their support for help.