Installing docker on different port

I am trying to set up the docker image for self hosting on a host that is already running a bunch of other sites. The manual says I should clone the git and then run ./docker-setup.

The problem is that when I do, it complains that port 80 is already in use (which it is, by my other sites). I have found (and since lost) one guide on how to set up the docker so that it listens on an internal port, and then forward traffic to it by the main server, but that guide assumes the docker is already set up, which I cannot do because of the reason stated above.

I seem to be at an impasse.


You can either edit discourse-setup so that it bypasses that check or just copy the standalone.yml file from the samples directory and edit it by hand. Since you need to change the port and presumably know how to use an editor, you probably just want to do it yourself.

There are #howto topics for running with external nginx and apache.