Can i install this to server via ftp manager, just like wordpress?

pls help im noob at websites :frowning:

No. You should use the docker install. That will set everything up for you.

but is there anyway that i can just put those files to server and start installing???

If the only way you can access your hosting is through FTP, then you won’t be able to install Discourse. You need to be able to use SSH.

And, in all respect, if you’re really a ‘noob’ at websites, consider the hosted version of Discourse. Also look for the assisted install at the bottom.


It’s very different from something like a Drupal or PHPBB install. The end results so far seem worth the extra effort, but I can see it being a major turn off or even a stopper for some admins.

I’ve been installing Drupal for years now; I could do it in my sleep. But I actually found the Docker installation of Discourse to be a breath of fresh air. Simple and direct commands, no mucking around with database creation and file permissions and server roots etc. etc. Just a few commands and boom! there it is. And let’s not even talk about the ease of upgrading Discourse compared to Drupal. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: