Integrate my forum into my online subscription course

Hello. I have an online drum/percussion academy where members sign up and pay a monthly subscription to have access to all of my courses. Is there a way to integrate my Discourse Forum into my online academy so that when a student signs in to their academy portal they will automatically be logged into the forum and have direct access to it without signing in?

The forum should only be accessible to paying monthly subscribers. I’d like the forum to feel 100% integrated into my online academy so the user has seamless access to the forum discussions and their lessons.

Is this possible?

Hey Scott,
It is likely possible but there are a number of approaches and it depends what platform your academy portal runs on.

Can you give us more info?

Thanks for getting back. My academy is hosted on The shell of the site is on WP. The academy is

Let me know if you need more info.

Cool. Do people sign up on WordPress? If so, you could use WordPress SSO with Discourse – easy.
If they sign up at thinkific then we’ll need more details again…