Integrating Discourse with WP Site

I’m trying to integrate my Discourse site with my WP corporate website. I’d like for customers to be able to use their Discourse login to access “Gated” training videos on the website without going to the forum.

Any ideas?

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This will be possible to do very soon with the wp-discourse plugin. What are you doing to control access to the videos on the website?


What I would like to do is use the Discourse login as an authentication layer to a gated page that hosts the videos. We haven’t launched this page as of yet, as I am trying to figure out how to make this possible. When will the wp-discourse plugin be available?

The wp-discourse plugin is available now, but it doesn’t yet allow Discourse to be used as the authenticator for WordPress. There has been a change proposed to the plugin’s code that will make that possible. I’m looking at it today.


Hi @simon – did you ever find out if the WP authentication is possible?

Yes, I think it will be available by early next week.