Integration of WP themes with file management?


I’m convinced that my current project should feature Discourse (through a community install - how cool is this option?). The forums will be members only and content closed to the public.

But there’s something stopping me.

Part of the planned community/forum is a file management system. A place where users can upload certain documents, and ideally edit some of them in a collaborative manner.

I want to focus on the forum experience, so that aspect is taken care off by Discourse. The following Wordpress theme caught my attention (because of file management/closed intranet).

(ThemeForest) Thrive - Intranet & Community WordPress Theme

Regardless of WordPress theme… what would you recommend for a document storage and editing inside the forum? A Google Drive plugin was suggested by a colleague, but figure it’s best to ask the Discourse community.


Any particular thoughts about the above?

I don’t think a WordPress theme with Buddypress will offer anything better than WordPress+Discourse, especially for a “file management system.” Stick with Discourse for forum features as a more robust and supported enterprise, open source solution.

Document collaboration is hard for a forum platform like Discourse. Would be nice to see features like sort by title within categories. Could work if all your docs were in Markdown + wiki features.

I think Amazon Work Docs

and Microsoft Teams

are doing interesting things in doc collaboration but not open source.

A Google Drive integration might offer some features but would basically be linking to source docs. That might be enough.

There are Discourse plugins for Slack but that doesn’t add much for doc collaboration.