Integration with full Event Registration platform


I am wondering if anyone has achieved integration between Discourse and a full Event Registration platform.

By ‘full Event Registration platform’ I mean one that allows registrants to enter flight information, hotel information, dietary needs, select seminars/tracks, register other guests, and other customizable interfaces for complex, large events.

The practical use case is that, upon completing registration, the participant is also given a Discourse account and access to a private conference Category.

I am not aware of such. The first step would be to pick a platform that can call webhooks and then do the integration. It sounds like all you’d need is to add the user (which might be done with sso) and then connect members with a particular group once they are registered.

Depending on how difficult the other platform is it work with and exactly what integrations you want, it’s likely in the $500 to $2000 range at a minimum, though it could be several times that depending on just what you want.


Lots of such platforms offer integration either via IdM, SSO, or a service bus.

It would help tremendously if you could name any products that are in consideration for us to do more than wave fingers in the air speculating.


Yes, absolutely a fair point. I was wondering if there were any solutions already in place with another Discourse forum. Knowing to look for platforms with a strong webhooks capacity is helpful. I’m technically outside of the process in my organization, but wanted to input into it so that our community is more integrated with our events platform.