Integration with RIOT API. It is possible?


I am created League of Legends forum with Discourse. I wonder, can i use RIOT API with Discourse for champions and item icons?

Can you specify in detail, with screenshots what you are trying to achieve

I am new to API usage. I am trying simple things. I want to integrate item list, item icons, item features in Discourse markdown editor. (When i write item name automaticly item icons created and when i hover icon features is must show.) I don’t know it is possible for me. Because i don’t know Ruby.

Just like that or that, but not only single page, integrated with markdown editor.

RIOT have API for like that.

You don’t need to integrate with the LOL API to get item tooltips. Several sites offer javascript which will turn item links into the type of tooltip you’re referring to. Put the javascript into the head of your site and item links will be converted automatically.

Be careful which one you go for though, third party javascript running in your page can do pretty much anything.

ZAM offer javascript for a number of their sites including WoWHead and DestinyDB but haven’t ported it across to LOLKing yet.

If there’s a particular site you trust that has tooltips enabled check their page source to see whose code they’re using.

LOLBuilder looks to offer one option -

As does Arcana Gaming

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Basically, you will want to implement a dialect that does the same thing as those scripts.

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LOLBuilder seems good. I will try customize that if it is possible. :smile:

I’m working on this now, actually; a community I’m developing a forum for needs integration with Riot’s API.

It’s pretty rough right now, but its getting there. What sort of features were you looking for once the accounts are linked?

The plugin is here: GitHub - eaceaser/discourse-riot: Discourse plugin to link to Riot Games API if you want to follow along.


Is this community still out there? I’m curious.