Interacting with Discobot

I’m testing out a new Discourse instance I installed and as part of that process, I am going through the @discobot tutorial. One thing that @discobot requests is that the user flag one of @discobot's posts. However, I was only able to do this after enabling the allow flagging staff setting, which, for various reasons, I would like to leave disabled for this instance. This makes the @discobot greeting a bit wonky for new users and, to me, feels like a bug. Not sure if there is any way to fix that?


Hmm, this is another release blocking bug @sam – I guess it’s an edge condition since discobot is considered “staff” … how easy is this to fix @tgxworld?


Discobot has to be staff for lots of reasons. What we would need to do to fix this properly is to make another “non admin” discobot user, we can call it “baddiscobot” or something and have it make the post that gets flagged.

For the release I guess the simplest thing to do here is to omit the flagging step from the flow IF allow flagging staff is disabled.


Hmm perhaps we should not apply allow_flagging_staff to non-human staff users excluding the system user?

For now, we skip the tutorial if allow_flagging_staff is disabled,

This has been handled previously and we actually provide a different narrative if delete_removed_posts_after is configured to 0.


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