Intermittent slow page load times

My Discourse site (only a few dozen users and very little activity so far) exhibits intermittent slow page/component load times that can be anywhere from 3-20 seconds. This occurs approximately once every ten page loads (as I repeatedly press keys G, J to cycle through posts, for example). During these events, the spinner spins and the user has to simply wait.

I have been watching the browser dev console and the server log as I navigate around trying to identify the cause of these slow load times, and I have identified at least two of the culprits: /timings and 123.json?track_visit=true&forceLoad=true (where 123 is the topic ID).

Changing the “flush timings secs” site setting does not seem to change the behavior.

Does anyone have advice how to troubleshoot this problem? A few seconds here and there would be tolerable, but I fear that these frequent 5-20 second load times will stifle use of the platform.

Our instance is deployed on Kubernetes using the Bitnami Helm chart, Docker image I know this is not an officially supported deployment method but it is at least a well-known, reproducible deployment.

See Troubleshooting Bitnami Installations.

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I knew I should have kept our deployment method a secret :laughing: Thanks for the link.

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