Internal error on search and after upgrade


When I go on search form to search something I have Internal Error. You can check directly on my forum:

I have only updated all.

Plugin installed:

Nome Versione Abilitato?
babble 4.2.0 S Impostazioni
discourse-adplugin 1.2.5 S Impostazioni
discourse-cakeday 0.2 S Impostazioni
discourse-events 0.1 S Impostazioni
discourse-formatting-toolbar 3.2 S Impostazioni
discourse-news 0.3 S Impostazioni
discourse-rss-polling 0.0.1 S Impostazioni
discourse-topic-list-previews 4.4.0 S Impostazioni
discourse-whos-online 1.0 S Impostazioni
docker_manager 0.1 S

I have many errors in console :frowning:

Babble would be my guess. Try removing it from the yml file and rebuilding.


Today I have updated all (apt-get thing, discourse and all plugins from /admin/upgrade) and search function works again!
I don’t know what the problem was, but in all the updates maybe something has been fixed.

But do I have to update discourse every 5 minutes?