Internal server error while loading admin users page

(Tarik Yildirim) #1

This happens quite frequently. Only on random occasions do I get to access the admin users page. Below are the screenshots of the two console errors.

Memory is running out and Discourse stops working
(Jens Maier) #2

Did you check the server-side log (see /logs) yet? That should be rather more helpful then the uglified JS stacktrace…

(Tarik Yildirim) #3

Unfortunately I am not a developer myself. In fact I have not touched our Digital Ocean instance since it was set up by the Discourse team. Perhaps a member of the team can have a look at the logs? (I believe that they have access to our account.)

(Kane York) #4

Any site admin account can view /logs, so you should be able to see them.

(Tarik Yildirim) #5

Alright, now I get what you mean! Here are the log screenshots:

Some of these errors may be related to the other bug report though: Discourse Meta

(Kane York) #6

You’ve got ENOMEMs in there, you need to upgrade the droplet for more RAM.

How much traffic are you getting, how much RAM is the DO droplet?

Also looks like we’ve just caught a translations bug!

(Tarik Yildirim) #7

We have 2 GB RAM. We don’t get much traffic. (Perhaps DO does not provide stable and consistent service? Or something in the code makes the RAM usage explode? Just guessing.)

Here are the DO stats:

(Jens Maier) #8

None of these graphs show your droplet’s RAM usage… which seems to be the problem here.

(Kane York) #9

That’s what I’m leaning towards:

(Tarik Yildirim) #10

Unfortunately DO still does not have the RAM graph, they seem to be working on it though: Add Ram & Disk Usage to Resource graphs. – Customer Feedback for DigitalOcean

(Tarik Yildirim) #11

Interesting, we are probably experiencing the same problem. We too get the ImageMagicK message in the admin panel (in Turkish):

What do you suggest us to do? Should we upgrade our droplet or simply wait for this problem to be resolved?

The issue is quite critical since it brings the whole website down.

(Kane York) #12

You can probably wait, it should get found soon.

(Tarik Yildirim) #13

Thank you. We will wait out the RAM problem.

Should I re-report the translation bug in the translations category?

(Kane York) #14

Yes. I think it’s not loading the right ‘count’ rules.

(Jeff Atwood) #15