Internationalize B, I and A in the message composer toolbar


(Anton) #1

Gotcha - I just realized that in Russian version of Microsoft Word, B (bold) actually says Ж (жирный - in Russian). That’s probably another small thing that would improve on usability of the message composer.

Can this and other letters in the toolbar be made translatable?

(Robin Ward) #2

Very interesting. Unfortunately that’s not going to be easy to translate as the buttons are icons from font awesome. The bold one for example is fa-bold which is a B.

With some coding we could add support for changing the icon in other languages, but I doubt font awesome has one for the Russian character you listed. I suppose we’d have to add the ability to replace an icon with just a letter (if it’s in the translation file.)

I’d accept a PR if anyone feels up to this!

(Anton) #3

Thanks for your feedback.
This feature would be greatly appreciated!

(Gerhard Schlager) #4

Here’s my attempt of fixing this issue: