Issue with badge translate


I’m trying to add image to default badge but after that i cannot translate the name of that badge through the translate tool: i’m changing the name, but nothing happens. Is it normal?


Anyone here? :slight_smile:

It’s the weekend, so I’m guessing many members are doing Real Life activities. Anyway, more information from you is needed to answer your question.

Is your version of Discourse up-to-date?
Which Badge?
What language is your forum?


Version: 1.8.0.Beta5+35, Docker install.
All badges.
Russian Language.

All badges? The Russian translation isn’t complete - 90%

So what you’re interested in changing may not be there yet

As for images, I have seen mention of others having problems at times due to file type (IIRC it was SVG that was a problem)

But you may have a more serious issue.
After you edit the setting and rebuild your app the new settings should have been applied. If not, it will be time to look through your logs.


Yeah, when compared to English, the Russian YAML is missing a lot of keys for description and long_description


I think l should describe the situation again.
So i made this:

  • i’m going to settings
  • customize
  • site texts (aka «Текстовое содержание» in Russian)
  • trying to find smth like «Редактор»
  • ok, i’ve found that
  • trying to change badge name «Редактор» to smth new, ok, clicking «Save» = nothing changes.

BUT! This happens ONLY when i previously load the custom image to this badge. When i’m trying to edit title of badge with default image/icon everything is fine. After editting the default icon to custom one — i can’t edit title of that badge in «Site texts» section anymore.

I hope that you understand my situation.
UPD. Trying te rebuild app — no effect.

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Hmmm. I don’t remember, but was having the image in the staff “assets” topic required?
It wouldn’t hurt to try that I guess.

I’m adding custom image both to Icon section and to Image section. No effect. Trying to add image only in «Icon» or to «Image» — nothing.

If you open the console window, press F12, do you see any errors when trying to perform those actions? If so, what are they? Do you see anything in /logs related to the actions you are performing?

Are you talking about terminal? Where i can find logs? Sorry, i’m a newbie.

So if your discourse site is, just append /logs after it

Hm, that’s it

As i see, there is nothing about badge title

Yup, nothing there. If you go back to the Admin > Badges area, and press F12 to open the dev console, then perform the action that is failing, editing a badge with a custom image, what do you see in the dev console?

I cannot type f12 because of special function on this button (volume up on Mac/Windows) :sob:

UPD, i open dev console through Safari

UPD 2, some examples:

I expect that it’s not what we trying to find

Was that just opening the dev console or did you also attempt to alter a badge while that was open? As I still don’t see any errors related to editing a badge.

I’m trying to open console while the specific badge page open and also on the page where i can see all badges (in the admin settings section)

I’d visit the badge you want to edit, open the dev console, set it to the side, then try and alter the badge. It should try and record any messages you might see when altering the badge in the dev console

I just tried on my localhost with the Anniversary Badge.

When I put the URL into “Image” and saved, I didn’t see any noticeable change.
But when I put the URL into “Icon” and saved, the change was immediate.

That’s true. Now try to change the title of that badge. Nothing happens