Interpolation key "site_name" required in automated messages

I have recently gone over to update some of the automated messages that are sent out regarding flags and blocks, and I have found that I cannot remove the %{site_name} from them without getting the error: interpolation key(s) are missing: “site_name”.

The messages in question are:
And perhaps more, but these are the ones I have tried.

All the messages state “This is an automated message from %{site_name} to let you know that…” and are sent as PMs from the site system username.
In these cases I think stating that the message is from the site is unnecessary fluff. People know what site they are on, and shouldn’t need to be told it.

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I haven’t tried, but does it work to hide the required %{site_name} bit in an html comment?

This is an automated message <!-- %{site_name} --> to let you know that…