Introducing Font Awesome 5 and SVG icons

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Is there a plan to upgrade Font Awesome to version 6?


Good question, we don’t currently have a plan to upgrade to Font Awesome 6, but we will look into it shortly.


I have seen quite a few places stick with font-awesome 5 cause the set in 6 was missing some stuff (that is now in paid tiers).

Not against upgrading though, just something to be mindful of.


Huh. They make kind of a big deal about backwards compatibility so that seems surprising. Do you have a link to something listing what’s missing?


No link, sorry, just anecdote for now. I recall @pmusaraj battled with this a bit.


Have you considered Fork Awesome, a fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit?


Not yet, but it looks quite cool, for sure. I have a feeling it would be a massive pain to backtrack and port Discourse to use its patterns.


Maybe other people here have experience switching from FontAwesome to ForkAwesome?

From their what’s new page:

We paid special attention not to change unicode codepoints for the existing icons, nor changed the CSS class names or icon names from Font Awesome 4.7. Though we added a few more icons and made the process of contributing to this project much easier. Though, if you see a mistake, please don’t hesitate to file a bug.

The examples page seems to look like FontAwesome.

Meh, this post by the (non-)maintainer seems to tell it’s a bad idea to use that at this point. Too bad.

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FontAwesome moved the whole “Regular” icon set to a paid plan in version 6. However, it looks like existing regular-set icons are still freely available when using the SVG icons directly (i.e. not as a web font). That’s good news for us, because we use SVG sprites from the fontawesome repo.

However, the backwards compatibility they’ve added doesn’t apply to us neatly, we don’t use FontAwesome’s “SVG + JS framework”, so we don’t benefit from the automatic aliasing. That’s probably the biggest blocker at the moment for a 5 → 6 upgrade (though it’s not as big as missing icons).


This link isn’t working for me

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Having done a lot is Usability Testing of a Discourse forum over the last year, I think one of the best things Discourse could do for usability would be to invest in making an icon set: tested for clarity, made more consistent, and showing a little style here and there. But maybe this isn’t the place to post about that!

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Could someone please offer any guidance in better spelling out how I can add flag emojis as svg-icons to my tag icons theme component. I suppose I’m not understanding what is needed, be it modifications to the theme component or drafting up a dedicated plugin in order to access these emojis within the theme component.


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hmm, Not seeing anything

How do I do this?

  • Created custom theme component called SVG_Assets
  • uploaded custom 1x1 svg icons.
  • Enabled SVG_Assets as part of my theme.
  • Installed Tag icons theme component and added to my theme.

I see the url for each svg icon I have uploaded into SVG_Assets

Hmm, okay. Can we have a new example of how the settings in the editor should look.

Example adding us.svg upload

Currently seeing

		"setting": "tag_icon_list",
		"value": "tag1,question-circle,#CC0000|:de:,$de,https://domain/1X/604c368499a58499e21ab5337a325600cb35b421.svg"
		"setting": "svg_icons",
		"value": ""
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