Introducing GitHub Issues to Discourse

(cpradio) #21

Okay, moving it under is now complete. New url is at GitHub Issues to Discourse Mover

@abraae, I’d still love to hear more about what verbiage should be altered to make it clearer as to the intent of the application. I’m completely open to altering any of the verbiage to make things more obvious.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #22

Odd that it doesn’t force a secure redirection to


Having looked again, the wording does clearly outline what it does. So my criticism was misplaced. Now that the ownership is clear, the wording is fine for me.

btw I still think you could emphasise the discourse brand over the github brand somewhat. I’m still left with the impression its a joint project between the companies. Maybe I overthink things, but that makes me ask all sorts of internal questions. “Wow, so github is OK with discourse taking over the discussion aspect of github issues? I wonder if that’s an exclusive arrangement. Or something some kind of buddy relationship like they seem to have with those zenhub guys. I would have thought that maybe github would like to explore the possibility of exploiting the social possibilities of github issues themselves. Or maybe they aren’t in any kind of a joint arrangement at all, and discourse is just using the public github APIs. In that case, I wonder why github are OK with them using their logo so prominently given their rules about not “Integrating the Octocat or GitHub logo into your logo”? Especially when its juxtaposition with the discourse logo at the top of the page gives an impression that discourse is the successor to github?” (having re-read all that, I probably do overthink things!)

But anyway, now the url confirms that its discourse that wants my credentials which is great!

(Love discourse)

(cpradio) #24

Thanks @abraae.

I think there is some discussion over redesigning the layout a bit, but nothing has been set in stone yet and I definitely welcome any suggestions around that.

One suggestion was to make it more similar to, as far as font choice goes. The layout really needs to maintain as much width as it can as some screens are fairly wide (though they do scale down nicely on a tablet).

From what I’ve gathered, redesigning the logo section would be ideal. Do you think the GitHub logo provides any benefit? Should it simply be the Discourse logo and nothing else?


I think using the github logo is a great idea, as long as you confirm to their rules.

(cpradio) #26

This is now done. :thumbsup:

(Sam Saffron) #27

One thing I would love to see is the ability to import “single” issues into an existing site:

For example

This was posted on GitHub but really belongs on meta. It would be pretty cool to have a “ship to meta” button that:

  • Copied content to meta
  • Closed the ticket
  • Left a comment on the ticket saying discussion was moved to a particular spot on meta
  • Automatically associated existing accounts
  • As soon as missing user signs in using GitHub also associated that account with the imported posts

(cpradio) #28

These are the only things missing from your list, the rest of it is built into that process already.

That is partially due to it existing prior to staging accounts really being “production ready”, but also because, it added a slew of complexity. As I believe creating a topic/post via the API can’t auto create a staged account, or would require an admin to invoke the step. Where right now, if any user has an API key, they can use the process to import issues their GitHub account has access to, to any Discourse Instance they have an API key for.

If there was a better API endpoint that would accept an email address, and associate said post/topic creation to the user at that email address (or create a staged account for it), then this would be relatively simple. But it would require an admin invoking the task.

(Sam Saffron) #29

I guess one other bit needed would be some integration into the GitHub tickets UI, so you don’t need to go to another site to start the process.

Totally get the complexity here.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #30

That part could probably be solved with a bot, like this. (more examples).

@discoursebot move to #feature

(Jack Zampolin) #31

The site for this plugin is currently a dead link. Where are the installation instructions for this plugin?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #32

Wups! It hasn’t been put out to pasture so we’ll eventually get it back up and running again. Any idea what happened here @team? Did the DO droplet for this get caught in the recent purge?

Meanwhile, here’s the GitHub repo with some rudimentary setup instructions:

(Neil Lalonde) #34

I don’t see any droplet names that match “github issues to discourse”. Were we hosting it from DO? Or who was?

(cpradio) #35

Yes, it was on DO, I’ll PM you the IP address, I don’t have access to the droplet anymore.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #38

Courtesy of @cpradio and @Nick this is back up and running now! :heart:

(Bruce Becker) #39

:thinking: sure if April fool’s joke, or just unstable
GitHub Issues to Discourse Mover gives me an error message. Am I doing something wrong or were you referring to a different link ?

(cpradio) #40

@Nick is the path still being forwarded to the appropriate IP address?

(cpradio) #41

Neither. It was working and it is stable. The server it is setup on isn’t getting the traffic forwarded to it again… not sure why, but it seems to have happened around April 11th.

(cpradio) #42

@brucellino, this is operational again, it seems I didn’t configured pm2 100% correct when I set it up last month and thus it didn’t survive a reboot. My apologies. I’ve made the necessary server configuration changes and it is operating again.

(Bruce Becker) #43

Thanks very much @cpradio - it’s one of those things our community really relies on from time to time.