Introducing ProCourse

(Joe Buhlig) #1

In February of 2016, I released a free plugin for Discourse. It seemed fairly harmless at the time, but that one plugin led to a couple conversations about doing freelance development work on top of Discourse. I didn’t think much about it. I was already doing heavy WordPress development and this was a natural extension of that.

But those two projects led to conversations with other clients seeking help with Discourse. And those led to even more conversations. It didn’t take long before I realized there’s a real need for custom Discourse development for those on self-hosted instances and extensive theming for Discourse hosted customers. So I began focusing on Discourse in August of 2016.

Since making that commitment, I’ve segmented off the Discourse aspect of my business under the name ProCourse and brought on a team of other developers to help wrap up as many projects as we can each week. Under the umbrella of ProCourse, we’ve done numerous Discourse and WordPress themes, plugins, and initial builds, but we’ve also become a resource for consulting and on-going projects. And thanks to the amazing Discourse community, it keeps growing.

I bring all of this up for two reasons:

The first is obvious. I wanted to tell the world what’s been going on behind the scenes and introduce ProCourse.

Second, I want to thank the Discourse team and the broader community for the continued guidance and support as we work together to build some pretty amazing Discourse communities. The ideas I hear each week about what Discourse has enabled continue to impress me. You folks have some first-class concepts that repeatedly challenge me. And I love a good challenge. :wink:

So if you’re interested in doing one-off projects or need a long-term commitment, feel free to email us at :+1:

(Nichalas Petranek) #2

And I can proudly say I’m the 1st non-team user of the site!

edit: i probably should mention that its their instance of discourse… not their main website.

(Carson) #3

You do great work Joe! You’re a tremendous asset to the entire Discourse community.

(Joe Buhlig) #9

It doesn’t take long when building custom code for Discourse to realize there are some actions that a LOT of people want/need done. That’s why we’re now announcing a handful of standard services that you can buy without a scoping call with us.

The hope is to continue building on this list over time (including a special plugin class), but today here’s what we’re offering:

  • Copying styles from an existing site to your Discourse

  • Convert your standalone container setup to a two-container setup

  • New Discourse installation the way the professionals do it

  • Paid Memberships Pro level to group sync

  • WooMemberships subscription to group sync

  • WordPress/Discourse SSO setup

You can see this full list (and pricing) on our services page:

And as always, if there’s something unique you’d like help building, feel free to reach out at