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At ProCourse we really enjoy building novel plugins for Discourse. It’s how I personally cut my teeth in the world of Discourse development and it’s been the core of our business from day one.

But as time goes on, we really want to be able to provide more and more of these custom plugins to the broader Discourse community. We continue to have cool ideas for them and have a backlog of new features for our existing plugins. And on top of that, many of you have helped us see a plethora of ways to use our plugins.

The trick here is that we do business in Discourse development. It’s how we keep the lights on. We’d love to give everything away for free, but we wouldn’t be around very long if we did that.

So we came up with an infrastructure similar to the CDCK model of posting features, bugs, and support topics on our own Discourse instance at We then set it up such that subscribers to our new service, ProCourse Support, can vote on features and receive support for the configuration and navigation of any of our plugins. One service that covers support for ALL of our plugins (repo name starts with procourse-*).

Just to be clear, anyone can install and use these plugins. No restrictions there and no extra features under ProCourse Support. And anyone can post features and bugs on ProCourse Talk. It’s only the voting and support category that are limited to paying members.

To start, ProCourse Support runs $247/year.

There are a couple caveats to the pricing. We’ll grant you access to ProCourse Support if:

  • you sponsor a new feature in one of our plugins. Get in touch with us here to learn more:

  • you submit a new accepted PR to one of our plugins.

  • you are a current member of ProCourse Butler.

We’re currently working on writing tests for all of our existing plugins as a way to ensure they continue to operate correctly on the latest Discourse. Once that’s complete, you can expect to see more features coming to these plugins.

I’m really excited about what this enables us to do for the community! So if you’d like to support us in the process of building more open source plugins for Discourse, want a voice in the new features for our plugins, or just need general support for them, you can sign up here:

Thanks all! :hugs:


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