Intructions on right and feedback on "wrong" keyboard shortcut usage

(Jan P.) #1

I knew about the “Keyboard Shortcuts” modal for quite some time, but honestly didn’t know how they worked. Just now, when I investigated a bit further and read some specific instruction by another user, that I first have to j/k in a topic to go through the posts before I could use e and similar, I understood the concept behind it better.

Before I tried to combine the keys with alt, ctrl, shift in a random manner and didn’t get any further. Also just hitting e when focusing a post in a topic with the mouse - and nothing happened.

I think it would be need to
a) more information on usage to the Keyboard Shortcuts modal and
b) give feedback when you press e but have to j/k first:

Select a post by using j/k first.

as a “toast” or some similar kind of notification shown temporarily to the user as feedback would be nice. Could also include a link to a more elaborate “How to use Keyboard Shortcuts” explanation.

(Régis Hanol) #2

I :heart: that idea. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement :wink:

(Jan P.) #3

In hindsight I know that just “hovering” above a post doesn’t “select” it (red border on the left). But back when I tried the shortcuts, I didn’t. (But maybe clicking could do the same as j/k and then e could work…)

(Jan P.) #4

b) could also be used to give feedback like “You can’t edit this post.” when you use j/k to navigate to a post, press e and actually can’t edit that post.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Sure that is a good idea see if you can make it so!

(Régis Hanol) #8

@nbianca can you take this? When the user press e and no post was focused using the keyboard, check if there’s a post under the cursor and open the composer on that post.