Post Hotkeys do not work when no post selected


is it just me or are the post-specific hotkeys broken? Whatever I do (even marking stuff in a post), when pressing s, r, l, q or any other post-specific hotkey, nothing happens. Neither here, nor on, not in Firefox (Nightly) nor Chrome (stable) on Mac. No messages in the developer console either. topic-based Hotkeys (like shift r) work though.

Or am I just missing a special trick to make it clear which post I mean?


Just tried it here on this very post and it works just fine (using latest Chrome on Linux).


Pressing k l liked your post over here.


Weird, it wasn’t working for me earlier today (which is why I liked his response)… But now it definitely is. It definitely isn’t working on our Discourse site… (granted we aren’t up to date with master though).

I really don’t know what to do here, we could

  1. pop up a window saying “please select a post” if you have no post selected
  2. just automatically select the post you hovering on, also a bit weird
  3. do nothing

not sure which one of the three, but regardless this is a feature request, not a bug

Yeah, works fine if you select a post first with J or K.

I think something like this would be best, though it could get tricky:

In Gmail, there is always an email (eg post) selected. It doesn’t automatically select the one that is in view, but that would be better on this platform, I think.

In Trello, you can hover over cards and click. It works pretty well, but I wonder about the value of having keyboard shortcuts that require using the mouse to hover.

In lieu of that, #1 would at least be an improvement, I think:

Ahahaha, now I know. once you selected a post via k or j it does work. It just isn’t clear at all that this needs to happen first in the help (as the description for k and j don’t even mention posts). So, yes, the bug is a mis-communication to the user.

@sam, I’d suggest moving it to UI/UX then.

My proposal would be to either mention post on selection or say “like selected post” that it is clear it needs to be selected first.

We should at least do this @sam

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This ties into the “transient notification” widget we always wanted. (eg for cases where a new post pops up in a conversation and other stuff like that) I am not strongly against this for this use case but I would like the transient notification patter / widget done first.

OK also closing this one in favor of:

We had 3 topics about this :dizzy_face:

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