Disabling problematic hotkeys

We’ve had some issues with moderators accidentally deleting posts with the d hotkey and not realizing what they had done. It doesn’t seem to produce a prompt. Is it possible to add an option to disable potentially problematic hotkeys like d or !? Thanks!


This is actually a bug … and not a good one.

Hitting d out of the blue should do nothing not delete a topic… that is crazy bananas.

Hitting j and d … OK … MAYBE… you did opt for keyboard then. Having a look at a fix now.


@sam I’m pretty sure it has to do with the new keyboard hover support we added.

Hitting d while looking at a topic does not delete it, unless the mouse if hovered over the OP. Same for posts, mouse must be hovering for d to do anything.


Ouch, I am pulling this feature. This is terrible.

EDIT: this still does not explain why this happens with delete and not with like…


We should fix the bug rather than blindly pull.

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The feature is a bug.

When routing an action to a post, we check:

  • Do we have a post highlighted with via j k ? ok, use that

  • Do is mouse cursor hovered on a post, ok use that.

This is a recent change introduced via:

The problem it was trying to solve is, "how do I know I can hit e and get it to do something?`

The keyboard shortcuts talk about it here:

The original “proposal here” was to pop some help, this is what gmail does:


My call is that the solution of “routing to hovered” does not go anywhere towards teaching, I am also super on the fence about the “teaching” approach here even the one gmail uses.

Like is odd, cause it has some special routing code that does not go through a common path, will sort that out.


Fixed per:


Thanks heaps for reporting this @mogu !


I agree with @codinghorror here. Rather than pulling this feature, we should restrict it to harmless and “in-the-face” shortcuts like: edit, reply, flag or share which all trigger a large UI change.

Not sure we need to teach people about this as I feel it’s a “power user” feature.

I personally am a fan of the :computer_mouse: + e.


Hmmm … maybe, this is an extreme ninja power user feature and does have the potential to surprise people. That said yeah the risk is a lot lower if we remove “like” and “delete” and “bookmark” and it is whitelist based.

Also keep in mind the root complaint (we had 3 dupe topics on this) was that they were not able to figure out about all the post action keyboard shortcuts even though it was in help, this ninja feature gets them nowhere closer to learning about j or k and it does add complexity.

The big issue I have with :mouse: e is that there is no visual cue at all that a post is hovered, this heavily relies on you just knowing about this magic.

Making this whitelist based will make it even harder to explain. (how do you get on the whitelist?)

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Just popping a dialog saying “you must select a post first, press ? to see keyboard shortcuts” is fine by me.


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