Invalid Interpolation Keys/ Broken by update

We want to modify user_notifications.reply_by_email to achieve something similar to this:

While this worked fine editing the text is now impossible because topic_title_url_encoded and username are invalid now:

The following interpolation key(s) are invalid: “username, topic_title_url_encoded”

I suppose that this has to do with the validation (see Bulk Invite from File resets the Invite Forum Mailer customized text). However i am not sure why username and the title url should not be in the e-mail response.

Additionally, topic_title_url_encoded should be whitelisted but is still “invalid”.

By the way: Is there a list of (valid?) Interpolation keys?

Thank you very much



TL;DR: Just Overreide the value in the Database

1. Make shure the user_notifications.reply_by_email has been customized in some way. (Just add gibblish)
2. Create a Backup just to make shure
3 Modify the Value in the Database

For a Docker Installation acces the Database using

docker exec -it --user postgres [name of Docker Container] psql discourse

Obviously replacing the name

Then run

UPDATE public.translation_overrides SET value =
'[Desired Text using all Interpolation Keys you want]'
WHERE translation_key = 'user_notifications.reply_by_email' AND locale = 'de';

The locale should match obviously.

That’s it. Interpolation keys work fine as long as you dont hit edit for user_notifications.reply_by_email.


Once I figured out [name of Docker Container] is app for standard installations, this worked great.

Question: On the command line, how do you enter linefeeds in the [Desired Text using all Interpolation Keys you want]?

I also have an issue with topic_title_url_encoded: It doesn’t work as intended in the subject line. Screenshot: 17