Invite links (Accept Invitation Button) with SSO not working for stable v2.8.10

Yes I see the issue here now, we are still showing the Discourse Connect button even if the invitation has already been redeemed, and also for an existing user who has not redeemed the invite.

Invite not yet redeemed for existing user with DiscourseConnect enabled:

Invite already redeemed for existing user with DiscourseConnect enabled:

I think the correct thing is to hide the “Accept Invitation” button in the first case and the “Continue” button in the second case though I am not entirely sure, since going via the SSO login path accepts the invitation as well discourse/session_controller.rb at 13db6234940e50f66bc712a054003e362ae9dbcd · discourse/discourse · GitHub . @sam do you have any thoughts on this? I am just a little reluctant to make more changes to this UI/system at the moment…

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The UI change sound pretty straight forward, I know how annoying this is, but if it is just hiding a button conditionally I recommend doing it, but not backporting.

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The problem here for @hyphalos is that they are using stable, so in this case we would have to backport the fix.

So sorry, I think @hyphalos can simply use CSS here to work around, no? Hide the elements that are a problem? I would prefer not to backport anything we are too close to 3.0 release.

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This is not really doable since a different button needs to be hidden depending on state:

However if its too risky before 3.0 then there is not much we can do here, I will just make the fix in main and it will trickle down to stable in the new year.


We are about to release 3.1, this is no longer relevant.