Invite Links to Groups show in Moderator Menu but Doesn't Work

Repro Steps:

  1. Be a moderator(Not admin)
  2. Go to invite tab
  3. Go to links
  4. Click “Create Invite”
  5. Select Multiple Users
  6. Choose a group from the list(But make sure you are not an owner/member of it)
  7. Click Copy Invite Link
  8. It doesn’t work because moderators do not have permissions to perform the action, but the button exists

Fix: Please remove the invite to group menu from Moderator Menu.

THanks for the report @Chaboi_3000, we are currently looking into this.


I made it so that if moderator is not owner of any group then the group input will not show. Also, if the moderator selects a group where they are not an owner then the error message will indicate that.