Group Owners can't send Invite Links to Group

Hi Discourse Team!

One of our users is a group owner, but the showAdvanced button (the little gear at the bottom right) does not appear for her to invite users to her specific group. I noticed that only staff are allowed to do this. Is this intended or am I missing a setting toggle?

What she sees as a group owner, not staff:
Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 11.11.04 am

What staff sees:

Thank you!

Hi, as far as I’m aware this is how it currently works. Only staff have the advanced options

I see, is that intended or a bug? In the source code it shows a double pipe which is an “or” isn’t it?

Not sure about a bug but as a small consolation, the invite link an owner can generate with the limited invite modal from its group page indeed invites to the group.