Group owner cannot send an invite to a group

Group owners (who are also moderators in my setup) can send out invites to a forum, but when doing that, they cannot set up adding the invitee to the group they own, the group name field is not available on the invite dialog. Only admins have that field shown.

Also, when using Admin/Users menu, moderators who are group owners cannot add a user to the group on that page. Right now the only way for group owners to add members to their group is through the Admin/Group menu. Am I missing something or is that a missing feature?


Will this ever be a feature (specifying group when sending an invite)? Very much needed here.

Ui mockups would help

Same UI is needed for group owners as for the Forum Admin:

Or maybe instead of the text field it could be a drop-down list pre-populated with all the groups the user is designated as Owner and also the option None.

Compare to the current UI for group owner:


Fixing it so group owners can invite people to groups is fine to be added to 1.9


That is great! Thank you.

This is mostly done but I’ll wait till Monday before I review it again and merge in my changes.


Hi @AlexL,

Group owners will now be able to add users into groups when inviting users. Thank you for the letting us know :+1:

There isn’t a way to add users to a group via Admin/Users. Perhaps you can expand on why you would consider it a missing feature?


I think @AlexL means that administrators can add users to groups via /admin/users

but moderators can not do it.

I don’t think it’s a missing feature. Moderators and group owners have different roles and moderators have no control over groups by default.


They can also do it via http://<your site>/groups/<group name>/edit

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