Invite not recognized if user joins without clicking link in invite email

I just invited a handful of people to my discourse and one of them signed up without clicking the link in the invite email. So he is a user on the site but is not in the private group I invited him to and my own invite has not been redeemed.

The functioning I expect is different - the user should immediately be added to the group once logged in and the invitation should be redeemed.

To replicate bug:

  1. invite test user and add to private group at same time
  2. login with email address of test user
  3. see categories as test user - you don’t have access to private group
  4. log in as inviter and see the invitation has not been redeemed
  5. go back to email and click invitation
  6. see categories as test user again - you will now have access to private group
  7. log in as inviter and see invitation has been redeemed

This is a feature we should add, @techapj. Can you scope out how much work it would be?


I am working on this today.

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PR for this feature:


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