Should welcome message for invited users come from the inviter?

When someone accepts an invitation, he receives a welcome notification. The text of that message is being addressed to the inviter, instead of the invited: {inviter.username} Welcome to...

I’m trying to debug it but I really can’t pinpoint where the problem is. Everything looks ok in InvitesController.

I can’t test it on meta or try because I don’t yet have enough trust level.

Sorry about this, guys. It’s not broken.

The Welcome message notification comes from the site_contact_username. I was using that same account to send invitations and I got confused.

Only now I realized the display_name in notifications never is the current user, but the one sending the message or performing the action, which makes total sense. I was mistakenly expecting to see the current user name in the welcome message notification.

Given this perspective, I kinda think it would be nice for that private message(welcome message) to be sent from the inviter. Aside from being more personal, it would be a great opportunity for them to establish their first contact within the forum.

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Generally you expect that you are inviting people to a topic, where you can welcome them after they arrive, or they can post a hello message in that topics.

You really do make a good point. There are other facets to what I was proposing. I was considering the emotional impact of having a friend walking with you through the next steps.

If I invite someone to a park, I’d like to show them around. Tell them how they should carry themselves, what is acceptable by the ones I already fraternize with and so on. I wouldn’t prefer to have the “security guard” go through all that with me. That would also apply for general invitations: the ones without a topic attached to them.

I’ve started a topic about some ideas to improve the invitation workflow experience here:

Maybe we could close this one and continue there?

I like this request and your example of a friend inviting you and walking you through the experience is sensible. @techapj can you add this to your list?


No longer applicable given we use discobot for this.