Invite people to choose Category before create a new Topic

In my forum many new users never select a category for new topics, so moderators are forced to edit the topic to categorize it correctly.

This is mainly due to the fact that is not explicitly asked to the user to select a category when creating a new topic.

The interface also does not focus on selecting an appropriate category.

if the category is the same as the default one (Uncategorized), a further step (like a modal) before opening a new topic would be useful to invite the user to select a category.

do you think it can be implemented?

Just in case you aren’t aware, there’s an admin setting allow uncategorized topics you can toggle that would make people select a category on topic creation by disallowing ‘Uncategorized’, if that would be any help?

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I know the feature, but I don’t want to disable it, uncategorized topics are useful.

I think the problem is just UX related


There might be something you could do with CSS to highlight the category selector box so it’s more obvious to people they should start there.

There could probably be some more advanced techniques with JS to not allow people to click the body of the composer until the category box is filled, or to pop an alert that asks if they really want to submit it as uncategorized. Or even an alert that when you click the body box first that nudges someone to choose a category first.

I’m a little unsure what is the solution you’re hoping to see, maybe I just didn’t understand, could you describe it in more detail, ie, the user clicks this, then the user sees this, etc?

after clicking “Create Topic” an alert or a modal that ask if they really want to submit is as uncategorized will be perfect.