Invite User quick link (and user management)

Our site is login required, invite only. (It’s a SMALL business workgroup).

I’m the primary admin for now, so at this very moment I’m not super worried about it. But down the road within a couple of months there are a couple others within the group who will be responsible for user management. So I wanted to make the process a touch easier.

All I want to do is take:

  1. either this link: (same link is on admin/users page)
    or preferably
  2. the popup window when you click “send new invite”
  • Then make a link in the hamburger menu that is visible to admins only. “Invite” or "Create New User"whatever it’s titled. Just for quick access.

My question, how do you create an admin visible only link in the hamburger menu. And is there any way to populate it in the top box of the hamburger menu?

Followup question, without using SSO managed credentials, is there a way to add the ability for an admin to send the invite link where the admin can choose the username rather than having to always change it after (from email prefix)?

The process to deactivate user accounts on our site could use some “simplification.”
My question, is there a way to write a script (add a button to click on user’s admin page or a place to enter user name) to execute:

  1. rename user: add “_inactive” following current username
  2. Turn Trust Level to 0
  3. Suspend user indefinitely
  4. Place user in group: former employees
  5. Deactivate user

Is there any way to do something like this outside of the console?

Where are all of these users coming from?

This kind of thing is really easy to automate as-is if you have some kind of IdM or SSO. Usernames and group memberships can both be updated from the payload.

So we are a group of 20. We could expand the user base to about 40 tops but that’s the biggest it’ll ever be. New user is new employee. Deactivated user is former employee. We don’t delete anyone cause they may come back, in the future, and we would just have to reactivate account.

Ideally I’d like to move to IDM/SSO using our group’s office365 exchange account for user management. As that’s the first step we do with new person. Give them email, then set their O365 permissions. I do not personally have management authority over the exchange. But if we integrate this site together, I can request it. But that’s a maybe in the future. So I want to address the for sure process in the now.

There’s no O365 ID Provider, but AFAIK their stack already supports OAuth2.0:


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