Invite user vs allowed email domains

Hi everyone,

That should be nice to make the invite user email don’t need to match «allowed email domains».

For example, if we defined «allowed email domains» that’s mean every one with a email in that domain can register themself. So that’s mean invite some one in that email domain are something useless.

But if we can invite user email don’t match «allowed email domains» that’s mean we can denied «» but invite «».

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If you have a public community site, you can let everyone who wants to create an account and let trust levels and akismet do their thing. For those you trust, you can send them an invite and add them to groups giving them higher trust level from the start.

We are talking about adding the ability to create invites that are limited to a specific domain. But that is not yet in place.

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Well…my site are not really public. But anyway not only for me, I’m just a little confuse about the utility of «invite people» if anyone can create a account. If you want give someone a higher trust level, why you need to invite people ? You just need to told him to register himself and give him more trust level.

That’s not exactly what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggest is to make invite people email don’t need to match the allowed_email_domains, because for me when some moderator invite someone that’s mean he trust him. It seem strange for me to make a invitation for someone we don’t want.

Bug maybe it’s just me who are to newbie in discourse :wink:

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You make a good point - the allowed email domains setting is a rather blunt tool. It is intended for locking down a community to a specific domain, for an internal community.

This is not likely to change so you’ll have to find another means to achieve your end - but it sounds like you already have a solution that will work for your community which is to give the people who sign up the access they need.

I think the ability to create invites that allow anyone from a specified domain to sign up immediately and be given the privs they need will be interesting. The link could safely be posted online, on the login page even, because it cannot be used by anyone except authorized people.